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Training & Development

We can't be successful unless you are...

...which is one of the many reasons why we take our new Advisor training and ongoing development so seriously. Another reason we take training and development so serious is for the simple fact that you are not just another number to us. We know how fallacious the insurance industry can be. Promises of agent support, training and mentor-ship are just a few of those many fallacies that agents experience.  Despite the simplicity of final expense, there is still much to learn. This is why we are so committed to providing a first class training and ongoing development program at No Cost, that ensures every Advisor has every single tool they will need in order to be successful right out of the gate. We invest our most important precious asset into you. Our Time.

Final Wishes University

Once a month we host a new Advisor training class where we cover policies, procedures, systems and how to win. This is a two day in person training class designed for new Advisors to fully know and understand the intricacies of our programs, software, ways of doing business and accessing all resources that are available to Advisors. This class streamlines a new Advisors learning curve and helps to eliminate any confusion as they start their new career with us.

Advisor Resources

Advisor Resources is a secured online portal that provides every tool imaginable for our team of Advisors. These tools include all training videos, appointment setting scripts & recordings, playbook chapters, a library of recorded weekly Web-Conference calls, along with many other valuable tools. Advisor Resources provides everything a new Advisor would need that will enable them to get up and running appointments in less than 1 week. 

Field Training

Even if we were to train you in a classroom setting for a solid month, you're only going to learn so much. The real training is in the field running appointments with your Training Manager and seeing the process with your own eyes. That's where the rubber meets the road. We don't just talk a great game, we lead by example. We don't just tell you how it's done, we show you first hand. New Advisors will spend anywhere from 1 to 3 full days in the field training, depending on each Advisors learning curve. 

Daily Web-Conference Call

When a doctor graduates from medical school, is that the end of his education? No, of course not. And once you finish your initial training, that shouldn't be the end of your education either. This is why we host a daily Zoom Web-Conference training call every morning from 7:30-8:00am Central Time Zone. Every day for half an hour one of our leaders will cover the topic of the week like product knowledge, fact finding, the presentation, closing the appointment, along with many other important topics. We can't think of a better way to kick start each day off than to plug in, get educated and to get motivated!

Monthly Workshops

We host monthly workshops in our St Louis office that are designed for hands on training where new and seasoned Advisors and Managers can come together as a group to hone their skills and master their craft. In these workshops we study advanced sales training techniques and invest the majority of the day role playing. These workshops not only expedite your learning curve and sharpen your skill set, they also add to the camaraderie within our team building relationships with fellow associates. 

You might be in business for yourself, but you will never be in business by yourself. 

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