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People don't plan to fail, they simply fail to plan and more families are torn apart due to a death than divorce. Most of these family feuds can stem from just about anything ranging from whether or not their loved one is to be viewed with the eyeglasses on or off to the color of the casket. When this mental burden is left with families at their most difficult time, everyone has their own personal opinion on what to do and often times can leave permanent scars and animosity with family members. We ensure these fears don't become realities by helping veterans and seniors into a planning program specifically designed for them. Whether their preference is to be buried or cremated, our program allows members to first pre-select their merchandise (casket, vault, monument, urn) and lock in the price at a fraction of the cost. Members then pre-plan their remaining final wishes of what they want to how they want everything to be handled leaving it to where all the family has to do is make one single phone call when that time comes and everything else will be taken care of. Once notified, Legacy Assurance will negotiate the remaining costs with multiple funeral homes in the community of their choice. This process ultimately ends up saving families an enormous amount of money while eliminating the mental burden, allowing families to have more of a celebration of life.

Our program works with every funeral home, is transportable, and members can update their final wishes anytime they want, as many times as they want. What a person wants at the age of 50 might be completely different by the age of 75.

Our Partner

*Legacy Assurance is a hedge against the rising cost of funerals for our members. The cost of a funeral rose three times faster than the rate of inflation over the past 30 years. **In response to this burdensome expense, Legacy Assurance was created to roll back the costs of funeral products to our members, and offer them wholesale pricing.

In addition to incredible savings on products, Legacy Assurance offers their WISH Team (Where Individuals Seek Help). The WISH Team helps member's loved ones negotiate the strategic ambiguity of funeral home costs of services. It doesn't matter how smart our members are or where they live; when people grieve, they overpay for a funeral. The General Price List of most funeral homes are complicated for that reason. Their WISH Team knows how to negotiate through this complex pricing structure. Legacy Assurance offers their members the lowest price funerals possible, in the community of their choice.


**NPR analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau data/Credit: Robert Benincase and Alyson Hurt/NPR

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