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How Do I Begin?

Now that you have completed the contracting process in SureLC to get appointed with our selection of carriers, how do you begin? First off, it is important to know that you might receive a series of follow up emails either from the Quility contracting department or directly from the carriers themselves during the appointment process. If you receive any questions or special requests from any of these parties that could pertain to your background, debt liens, anti-money laundering, releases, etc...please respond right away. The longer you wait to respond to these emails, the longer the appointment process will take. Time is of the essence.

If you want to check the status on your SBLI Final Expense appointment or need assistance in any way, please email either Ali Murr or Alyse Novetti

To check the status on all other carriers appointments or when needing assistance, please email either,, or 

Headshot: Email a professional headshot of yourself to Yes, go ahead and do that now!

Telegram: Next, download Telegram, which is our group chat messaging system and create an account. Telegram is designed to help , assist , motivate, and laugh your way through becoming a successful final expense agent with our company. As long as you stay plugged in and follow the system we will all be here to support you through this awesome new journey with us.

For the Apple iPhone iOS Telegram app download:  CLICK HERE 

For the Android phone app download: CLICK HERE

Once you downloaded the app, please click on the following links to be added to the group chats: CLICK HERE

*When setting up your Telegram account, be sure to add a headshot for your profile 

Supplies: One by one, as your appointments start to come through, your first step with each carrier is to register for access to their agent portals and eApps. Once accessed, you need to place an order right away for each tangible item that carrier offers in relation to the products you are offering. Final Wishes Planners, product brochures, inserts, disclosures, etc. These carriers do not charge for the supplies nor any shipping fees.

As far as business cards are concerned, we recommend ordering through Vistaprint. You may create your own cards using your own personal logo and business name or you may use the FWA logo, if you prefer. You may list your address on your business cards or you may use the FWA corporate office address which is: 

                         23 Public Square

                         Suite 260

                         Belleville, IL 62220


Your First Policy: Imagine being in a profession trying to convince people to purchase a life insurance policy when you don't even have one yourself. In order to have a real chance in this profession, you should be a consumer of your own product and write your first policy on yourself, if you do not currently have life insurance. If you are relatively young and in excellent health, you might want to consider applying for a fully underwritten policy for 2 reasons: 1) You will get a much better rate than jet or simplified issue plans and 2) you will have way more appreciation for the simplified application process when servicing your clients


30 Day Sprint


All career agents, begin your Project 300 list! Project 300 is a list of 300 names and phone numbers of all those you know who are 40+ years old. Classmates, friends, family, church members, neighbors, associates from past jobs, past employers, current and former clients, members of clubs, any and everyone including the people you didn’t like in high school. Here’s the bottom line: If you know their first name and have their phone number, they should be on this list. Don’t put all your effort into selling to people you DON’T know and ignoring all the people you DO know. I am always astounded that people do not first get in contact with their power base when your power base is made up of people who will be happy to hear from you and want to know what you’re up to. Think about it, one of the fastest way to NOT get into power in your career is to abandon those who love, care or have some interest in your life.


Product Knowledge – You MUST be an expert on the products you are marketing. Nothing else matters until you learn everything there is to know about the products, programs and solutions you are going to present to your client:

  • Read through each carriers Agent Manuals but focus only on their final expense products.


Friday Morning Weekly Zoom Calls: Training is initial, development is ongoing and forever. If you are really big into fitness but stopped working out for a few months, what effect do you think that would have on your body? Would you stay toned and in shape? Probably not and it's no different for sales professionals either. You must train every. Single. Day. in order to stay sharp, focused and skills honed. Also, just like sporting events where the teams stretch, warm up, do drills and get prepared for game time, in sales you should do the same. These weekly zoom calls are designed to keep you sharp and prepared for the following week so you can hit the ground running at the start of the gun. These calls are only 30 minutes to 1 hour long and must be a part of your weekly routine so make sure to schedule any meetings or appointments around this time every Friday morning. 

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