How Do I Begin?

Now that you have completed the contracting process with Senior Life, how do you begin? Even though you will immediately receive a writing number with Senior Life Insurance – it still takes a few days before your appointment is accepted so please be patient! You will receive a series of follow up emails during the appointment process. If you receive any questions from the licensing department regarding your background, debt liens or anti-money laundering, please respond right away. Once you receive a final email from Senior Life licensing with "Appointment Accepted" in the subject line, you will then be able to log into SLICE and begin writing business. 

As long as you are an appointed agent with Senior Life Insurance, you and your family will have a Free membership to Legacy Assurance. Look for your personalized Legacy Assurance Membership packet to arrive within 3 to 4 weeks from the date your appointment is officially accepted.

Business Cards: You can either create and order your own personal business cards through Vistaprint using the FWA logo (if you prefer) or you can order business cards through Senior Life. Until you issue your first $5,000 AP, there will be a nominal cost for your initial set of Senior Life business cards. However, for every $5,000 AP issued, you can order 100 business cards at no cost to you. 

                                                                                         Senior Life Business

                                                                                                                  Card Order Form                                                      

Presentation: To get the FWA Field Presentation set up, you can either download it and save it to your iPad via iBooks or you can print off a copy and add to a binder for a more tangible presentation.  If you prefer to use your iPad, simply download the FWA presentation from your iPad, click the square with an "up" arrow in the upper right hand corner, and "Copy to Books". We will review this step and other neat features in your Orientation class. If you prefer to use a paper presentation, print it off in color and double sided, laminate using 10 Mil laminate, and 3 hole punch it. We recommend having Office Max to do this for you. 

                                                                                        FWA Field Presentation

There are several websites you will use as an agent. Mozilla Firefox is the most compatible browser and must always be used when accessing the Senior Life Agent Portal.

Citrix ShareFile: Is a secure, cloud-based platform for businesses to store and share files. An email will be sent to you during the contracting period. Please activate this account. You will use Citrix so submit corrections, business card orders, appointments to new states, etc. FWA Advisor Resources is designed to be a one stop shop for agent training and resources. However, it is recommended to also familiarize yourself with the carriers agent websites, additional tools and resources that might not be provided through the FWA Advisor Resources website.