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How Do I Begin?

Now that you have completed the contracting process with Senior Life, how do you begin? You might receive a series of follow up emails during the appointment process. If you receive any questions from the licensing department regarding your background, debt liens or anti-money laundering, background questions, etc...please respond right away. 

As long as you are an appointed agent with Senior Life Insurance, you and your family will have a Free membership to Legacy Assurance. Look for your personalized Legacy Assurance Membership packet to arrive within 3 to 4 weeks from the date your appointment is officially accepted.

Headshot: Email a professional headshot of yourself to and to Yes, go ahead and do that now!


Telegram: Next, download Telegram, which is our group chat messaging system and create an account. Telegram is designed to help , assist , motivate, and laugh your way through becoming a successful final expense agent with our company. As long as you stay plugged in and follow the system we will all be here to support you through this awesome new journey with us.

For the Apple iPhone iOS Telegram app download:  CLICK HERE 

For the Android phone app download: CLICK HERE

Once you downloaded the app, please click on the following links to be added to the group chats:



**When setting up your Telegram account, be sure to add a headshot for your profile and add in your six digit agent number after your last name. I.e. Rusty Westfall 122075**

Supplies: You need to place your first supply order right away! To order supplies, please visit the supply store. To access the supply store, click on the "Merchandise" link in your Senior Life Agent Portal. To access the portal CLICK HERE. Your username is your 6 digit agent number and that password is the last 4 of your social security number. Here is the list of Marketing Material items you need to order in Marketing Materials:


  • Legacy Assurance

    • 2 / Legacy Assurance Folders. (packs of 25 @ $25 per pack)

    • 5 / Legacy Assurance Bi-Fold (packs of 25 @ $0 per pack)

    • 5 / Legacy Assurance Final Wishes Planner (packs of 25 @ $0 per pack)

    • 10 / Legacy Assurance Door Hangers. 25 ct @ $0 per pack

  • Senior Life

    • 2 / Delivery Notices. (5 pads per pack / $5.99 per pack)

    • 1 / Pitch Pads (5 pads per pack)

As far as business cards are concerned, you can also order business cards through the Senior Life agent store or you may create and order your own personal business cards through Vistaprint using the FWA logo, if you prefer. Until you issue your first $5,000 AP, there will be a nominal cost for your initial set of Senior Life business cards. However, for every $5,000 AP issued, you can order 100 Senior Life business cards at no cost to you. 


Direct Deposit: One of the most awesome things about this opportunity is the ability to get paid the same day you write the policy and take a "Live Check". However, until you set up your direct deposit, all commissions will be paid by check and sent via snail mail. This is why setting up your direct deposit needs to be the next step for you to knock out. If you did NOT set up direct deposit during the contracting process, simply download, print and complete the Direct Deposit form, then email to or you may fax to (229) 299-9987. However, if you DID set up direct deposit when completing the contracting process, then move on to the next step

                                                                                       Direct Deposit




SLICE (Senior Life Insurance Company Enrollment - eApp): SLICE is the the software you will be using to write all of your applications and submit your business. SLICE is compatible with \an Apple iPad or iPhone only. To download CLICK HERE.

Note: for iOS Download, when attempting to launch the app, if you receive a message "Untrusted Enterprise Developer", please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the "Settings" on the device

  • Select "General."

  • Scroll down and select "Profiles and Device Management."

  • Select "Senior Life Insurance Company, and then select "Trust" and confirm Trust in the dialog.

Leads The Way: is a Senior Life Insurance Company exclusive mobile application that sends you real time notifications when a client calls in to one of our Nationwide TV Advertisements. LTW is compatible with both Android & iOS devices and one of the ways you will get your leads. To download to your mobile phone CLICK HERE


Your First Policy: You must sell yourself first if you want to have a chance. Imagine being in a profession trying to convince people to purchase a policy or service you yourself don't even have. In order to have a real chance in this profession, you should be a consumer of your own product and write your first policy on yourself using SLICE then email your manager your policy number.


30 Day Sprint


All career agents, begin your Project 300 list! Project 300 is a list of 300 names and phone numbers of all those you know who are 40+ years old. Classmates, friends, family, church members, neighbors, associates from past jobs, past employers, current and former clients, members of clubs, any and everyone including the people you didn’t like in high school. Here’s the bottom line: If you know their first name and have their phone number, they should be on this list. Don’t put all your effort into selling to people you DON’T know and ignoring all the people you DO know. I am always astounded that people do not first get in contact with their power base when your power base is made up of people who will be happy to hear from you and want to know what you’re up to. Think about it, one of the fastest way to NOT get into power in your career is to abandon those who love, care or have some interest in your life.


Product Knowledge – You MUST be an expert on the products you are marketing. Nothing else matters until you learn everything there is to know about the products, programs and solutions you are going to present to your client:

  • Read through the Senior Life Agent Manual. Study and learn the products and SL corporate policies at least one time but you will primarily need to fully know the details to the immediate benefit and limited benefit plans on pages 6 and 7. The SL Agent Manual can be located in the next section below. Once you are an active agent with Senior Life, the Agent Manual will also be located in the “Notification & Documents” section of SLICE

  • Read through, study and know every detail in the Legacy Assurance section (#2) of Advisor Resources

  • Visit every page and tab of the website. Know this website inside and out


Once you feel you are knowledgeable on all Senior Life and Legacy Assurance products, then it is time to learn and master the 7 step system explained in the Door Knocking (#3) and Training Video (#4) sections then:

  • Get organized and

  • Practice

  • Practice

  •       Practice and Master the 7 Step System                                            


In 1 week or less, you should be prepared to:

  • Pass a 30-question product knowledge exam with an 80% or better

  • Give a passing presentation to your training manager, utilizing all 7 Steps

  • Begin working your Project 300 list (and any B leads we supplied, if applicable) and start running appointments.



Senior Life Agent Manual: The Senior Life Agent Manual is your primary reference for a complete breakdown on the companies products, corporate policies and guidelines. Once you are licensed and appointed with Senior Life, the Agent Manual can also be accessed via SLICE in the Notification & Documents section. Until then, download the Agent Manual below so you can begin studying.


                                                                                      Senior Life

                                                                                      Agent Manual




Presentation: Your "presentation" is actually included in the SLICE eApplication. Again, this thing basically does most of the work for you. You will learn everything you need to know about the presentation and how to run your appointments in the training videos (section #4) of Advisor Resources. However, while you are learning the program and begin practicing your craft, here are a few illustration aids you can use as a tool for learning or even to use in your appointments.



Daily Zoom Training Calls: Training is initial, development is ongoing and forever. If you are really big into fitness but stopped working out for a few months, what effect do you think that would have on your body? Would you stay toned and in shape? Probably not and it's no different for sales professionals either. You must train every. Single. Day. in order to stay sharp, focused and skills honed. Also, just like sporting events where the teams stretch, warm up, do drills and get prepared for game time, in sales you should do the same. These daily zoom training calls are designed to get you warmed up and your mind ready to perform for the day. These calls are only 30 minutes long and must be a part of your daily morning routine. 

Daily Zoom Training Calls.png
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