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Door Knocking

Neighborhood Enrollments - When selling Final Expense for the first time, one of the most effective ways in being profitable right out of the gate as you go through your initial learning curve is learning the art of Neighborhood Enrollments. This is why we have developed and perfected our Neighborhood Enrollment system using the FEMA approach.  And even when doing so, this business is all about Activity, Activity, Activity. Once you have mastered the art of Neighborhood Enrollments, you have then solidified your success in this business by ensuring that you will NEVER have a shortage of people to talk to, all due to the fact that you know how to approach....everyone!

Door Knocking Leads - Once you have mastered conducting Neighborhood Enrollments and decide to start working leads, this is the second to most important skill to learn and master. Why? Because even when you become proficient in setting appointments over the phone, there is always going to be a good percentage of your leads that won't answer the phone, will not return your call, or you can never get them to schedule an appointment. So when in the field and you get porched on an appointment or have some down time in between appointments, you door knock those leads nearest your location! Always remember this rule of thumb: People have a harder time putting you off face to face than over the phone.

Door Knocking Tips

  • Getting in the door is the 1st step, out of our 7 step system, you will need to learn and master. The good news is - it is the easiest step out of all 7. You need to download the approach to the right, learn it, practice it, and master it until it becomes second nature to you. 

  • When door knocking leads (without scheduled appointments by phone prior to approach) you MUST work smarter while working harder! The day before door knocking, route out all of your leads using a route planner. We recommend using Road Warrior for a nominal $5 per month or $50 annually. By using a route planner, you are able to create and optimize a route allowing you to door knock more of your leads on a daily basis in the shortest amount of time. 

  • Park on the street, not in their driveway. You never know when a son, daughter, spouse, sibling, friend, neighbor or whoever will need to leave or pull into the driveway where you are parked

  • Be prepared before you arrive to your destination so you can exit your car right away. Sitting in your car after being parked for an extended period can allow your prospect time to think, create worry or fear and not want to answer the door. 

  • "Wave the House" as you are approaching the home. Sometimes your prospects will peak through their blinds to see who pulled up and for those who wouldn't have normally answered their door, they are more willing to if there's a chance they thought you saw them and were actually waving at them.

  • Don't ring the doorbell at first. Not only are doorbells impersonal but in our market, half of them don't work. Ringing a doorbell could also wake a family member or worse, a sleeping grandchild your prospect is babysitting, which most likely will never work in your favor. When knocking on the door, use a little muscle then patiently wait a minute or two. If no answer, knock again only a little longer and harder. There will be times when your prospects are hard of hearing, in the backroom or basement, indisposed, use a walker or wheelchair, cooking dinner, among many other reasons why they can't get to the door right away. After waiting another minute or two and still no answer, then ring the doorbell followed up with a final stern knock of the door. 

  • Keep your hands out of your pockets and sunglasses off your head when at the door. Let them see your eyes. Any credentials you can show, have them displayed to where your prospect can see them. I.e. I.D. badge, logo on shirt or binder, etc. You need to look as honest and trustworthy that you possibly can so your prospect is going to be comfortable enough answering their door and speaking with you. 

  • After knocking on the door, stand back a little ways. Don't crowd the door.

  • When someone answers the door - SMILE!

  • On nice spring, summer and fall days and no one answers the door, peak around to see or listen to hear if someone might be in their backyard. Naturally, use judgement when doing this. 

  • When someone answers the door, establish control, never pause, less is more. Your goal is to get in the door, not pitch at the door. You can talk about the program once inside, not on the front porch! Always be pushing forward!

  • When given an objection at the door, ALWAYS agree, immediately respond accordingly and then ask to come in again while motioning forward. NEVER PAUSE!

  • Act with a sense of urgency and don't be a wet noodle. Let these people see that you are busy, in demand, and give them a reason to want to speak with you. In less than 60 seconds, you need to make your prospect understand that they need you more than you need them.

  • When no one is home, fill out a Delivery Notice and leave on their front door. If your prospects home has a garage, it is recommended that you leave it on the outside front part of their mailbox, since there is a chance of your prospect entering the home through the door in their garage instead of their front door. 

  • When filling out your Delivery Notice, make sure you have your Google Voice account set up and list your Google Voice phone number on the Delivery Notice versus your personal cell phone number. 

  • When filling out your Delivery Notice, list either "Fulfillment Center" or "Distribution Center" versus listing your actual name in the Contact Person section. 

Google Voice

Set Up Instructions

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