The Final Wishes Advisory Team

FWA is made up of Final Wishes Advisors amd Regional Sales Managers across the Midwest. Our team of Advisors provide peace of mind for Veterans and Senior Citizens through specialized Final Wishes planning and protection programs for their families.

Advisors work a territory that spans up to a 2 hour radius from their residence enabling them to build solid long term relationships and a lasting career. Advisors assist those who inquired about our program through one of our advertisements along with several other personal marketing campaigns. 

Regional Directors help lead a group of Advisors and our State Directors lead a group of Advisors and Regional Directors. This helps to ensure the same high level of service and results across the country.

Build Your Future with Final Wishes Advisors

FWA gives you the opportunity to give back to your community. Join our team to start on a successful and, more importantly, significant career path.

Protect seniors who have served our country and those who are in need

Help families avoid financial and personal ruin created by unexpected natural or accidental death

Save families thousands of wasted dollars normally spent on high premiums & high funeral costs

Thrive personally in a flexible, fulfilling work environment 

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St. Louis, MO 63103