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We understand how overwhelming it can be starting a new career or getting appointed with a new carrier and marketing new products. This is why it is recommended that

you to download the GroupMe application to your mobile device and join our GroupMe FWA community that will connect you other Advisors on your team.

With GroupMe, you can post a "text" type of message that all FWA group members will receive and can respond to when you need assistance with underwriting, systems, eApp support, product specific type of questions, amongst other things. Furthermore, when you ask a question or request assistance in a public forum like GroupMe, it's also a learning opportunity for other team members, especially the newer ones, if and when they come across that same situation at a later time. And when you come across a situation where it makes more sense to talk to someone versus typing an essay, we recommend that you post a request for someone in the group to call you. "Hey guys, I'm with a client right now and having trouble with SLICE. Is there anyone currently available that I can call for assistance?" We all play for the same team and are all on the same mission which is why we all strive to help each other out at any given moment when those opportunities present themselves. 

We are also here to have some fun while we are protecting families and making money. It's encouraged that you help boost morale by posting personal sales when it happens and words of encouragement by congratulating others who post about their production. It's perfectly fine to post pictures of you and your new client, the delicious food they are sending home with you, or something cool and unique they show you, like a personal collection, an antique car or perhaps something they made. You are so intrigued that you request to snap a picture and share it with your FWA family. And we guarantee that your clients will love that, as you just paid them the ultimate compliment!

For the Apple iPhone iOS GroupMe app download:  CLICK HERE 

For the Android phone app download: CLICK HERE

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Once downloaded, CLICK HERE to join the FWA Group.

SLICE (Senior Life Insurance Company Enrollment) was created for you to save time, be more efficient, and make more money. SLICE is an all-inclusive mobile application where you will submit all of your business 100% paperless, view your applications and pending business, and know how much you’re going to get paid and when you’re going to get paid. Welcome to the future, welcome to SLICE.

SLICE Quick Start Guide

SLICE User Manual

SLICE Recording

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SLICE Legacy Household Member Guide

Leads The Way is a Senior Life Insurance Company exclusive mobile application that sends you real time notifications when a client calls in to one of our Nationwide TV Advertisements. Leads The Way is perfect for agents who are looking to get the hottest leads known to man, increase their production and make more money. If you are an agent working in the field, the app will open the clients address in maps and take you straight to their front door. If you are a telesales agent, you can click on the phone number and talk the client within minutes of their call. The app also has great features such as an order history so you can track your leads and the commercial embedded in the app, which you can play back to the customer. Download Leads The Way today to have access to new prospects in your market and unlock your true sales potential.