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2 Ways to Submit Business


  • Designed for touch screen devices

  • Available 24/7

  • Quick underwriting decision displayed on screen

  • No phone call



  • Telephone point-of-sale process

  • Available 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Central, Monday - Thursday; 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Central, Friday

  • Underwriting decision is given in a matter of minutes over the phone

  • You drive the call


  • Point-of-Sale Decisions have never been easier

  • Rx and MIB results returned quickly

  • Policy number provided immediately

  • Policy typically mailed within one business day

  • No amendments

  • No paperwork

eApplication Process

The eApplication was designed specifically for touch screen devices. In order to access the eApplication you must have access to the internet at the point of sale. It is also recommended that you use a stylus when signing. Before you can begin using the eApplication you must register. To register, follow the steps below.


1. To access Sales Connection, you will need to create an Account on our secure website. You must be appointed with Americo to register and you can only create one account.

2. You will need the following to register - your full name, exactly as it appears on your Insurance License; the last four digits of your Social Security Number; your Americo Agent ID; and a valid email address.

3. Go to (note there is no www).

4. Click on “Create New Agent Account.”

5. Click “Next” and follow the instructions to register.

6. Fill in the fields marked with *. Your name must match the name on your Insurance License. Click “Next” to continue.

7. Create a Username and Password you will remember. Note the Username/Password requirements listed on the screen. Once you’ve filled in your Username and Password, fill in the Captcha Value shown on the screen, click “Next.”

8. To complete the registration, select 5 security questions from the drop down list and fill in the answers. This will assist you in resetting your Username and Password if you forget one of these. Once completed, click “Next.”

9. You have now completed the registration process. Click “Finish” to be redirected to the Sales Connection page.

10. Enter the Username and Password that you’ve just created to begin using Sales Connection.


Replacements are allowed using the eApplication process only. All necessary forms are included in the eApplications

TeleApplication Process

1. Prior to Calling Americo’s Call Center

  • Describe the product in detail to the Insured/Owner/Payor. If applying for the Eagle Guaranteed explain the graded death benefit.

  • Pre-qualify the insured

    • Ask the correct state approved health questions to pre-qualify the proposed insured.

    • Determine if the client has existing insurance. Note: replacements are not available.

    • Determine how the client is going to pay for the coverage. Note: only a pre-authorized monthly withdrawal from a checking or savings account is available for payment.

  • Collect the necessary information

    • The Eagle Premier Series worksheets can be used to help collect all the necessary information. Using the worksheet will help to speed up the call process.

  • Prepare the Insured, Owner, and Payor

    • Make sure the Insured understands they will be calling Americo to apply for coverage.

    • Explain it is best to answer honestly and with “yes” and “no” answers.

    • Let them know that the call will be recorded.

    • Explain that a decision will be given over the phone and payment information will be given at the end of the call.

    • Verify the Payor has their banking information available at the time of the call.


2. Call Americo at 855.248.8327

  • Make sure you have the Insured, Owner, and Payor, on the call with you. The Owner and Payor need to be available if different than Insured.


3. Americo will gather the following information from you (the agent):

  • Agent Information – Name and Agent Number

  • Insured Information – Gender, Name, Address, Years at current address, Phone Number, Birthdate, Age, Place of Birth, and Social Security Number.

  • Owner Information (if different from Insured) – Relationship to Insured, Name, Address, and Years at current address.

  • Beneficiary Information – Number of Beneficiaries, Name(s), Social Security Number(s), Relationship to Insured, and Percent of Share for each Beneficiary (must equal 100%).

  • Product Information – Eagle Premier or Eagle Guaranteed product, Requested Face Amount, Effective Date, Smoker Status, Height and Weight, Automatic Premium Loans.

  • Premium will then have to be verified.

4. Americo will then ask to talk with the Insured/Owner/Payor to ask the following questions:

  • Verify all information given by the agent.

  • Verbal Authorization – Allows Americo to access MIB records and Prescription Drug check. Disclosures will be read to Insured.

  • Replacement Information Questions – Do they have existing insurance and are they replacing?

  • Health Questions – All Health Questions will be asked from the state specific application.

  • Bank Draft Authorization – Savings or checking account number, Routing Number, Requested draft date.


5. Americo will provide you and your client a decision over the phone.


6. Americo will then ask for a Verbal Signature to apply for coverage. This will end the call with the Insured/Owner/Payor.


7. Americo will ask for your Agent Statement to end the call. 8. Americo will mail the Insured/Owner/Payor a cover letter with disclosures in the Policy Packet. If the client declines the coverage, disclosures will be sent under a separate letter.

Replacements are not available on TeleApplications.

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