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Our Mission:

Leaving People In A Better Position

Than How They Were Found

FWA formed in 2010 as a specialty niche agency that serves Veteran's and Senior Citizens, primarily to those on fixed or limited incomes, with their final wishes planning. This is accomplished by first discovering our clients situation and needs, determining their eligibility and benefits, then educating and placing them into a program that is custom tailored to fit their budget while fulfilling their final wishes. 

Final Wishes Advisors has served over 50,000 families across the country by providing custom designed  programs  for  each   persons   unique 

situation and budget. Whether our clients have a need in one or all of our programs, FWA ensures to offer exactly what they deserve, tailored to their specific situation and needs. 

Veterans - Over the years we have discovered that the vast majority of Veterans are not fully aware of all the VA Death Benefits they, along with their family, are entitled to. Often times Vets mistakenly believe that the VA will take care of the entire funeral arrangements and unwillingly leave a burden behind for their family to deal with or for those wanting burial in a private cemetery or cremation, don't think there are any benefits available to them at all and ultimately leave certain VA Death Benefits to go unclaimed. Throughout the years we have listened to a countless amount of Veterans share their service stories that include the sacrifices they and their family had to make in order to serve and protect this great country. These are just a few of the many reasons Final Wishes Advisors has the utmost respect and appreciation for our Veterans. We believe that every Veteran deserves every single benefit that is available to them AND their family and is is why it is our mission to ensure every Veteran exercises every single VA Death Benefit available to them! When working with Veterans, after learning what their final wishes are, we will then:

  1. Educate them on the VA Death Benefits available to them, and possibly their family

  2. Provide them all the vital information and necessary documents they will need in order for their family to exercise their VA death benefits to the fullest extent.

  3. Enroll them into a planning program, that can include military merchandise locked in at a fraction of the cost, allowing the family to just make one single phone call when that time comes so that everything else will be taken care of from there.

Senior Citizens - Even though we can work with any age from 0 - 85, we specialize in working with families, primarily for those who are on limited or fixed incomes, between the ages of 50 to 85.  When you specialize in this market, we know the majority of our clients are retired or won't have a perfect health history; therefore, you must have very liberal underwriting guidelines, very forgivable rates, and a wide range of plans to offer. With funding options from one of the lowest-cost final expense life insurance plans in America to plans that can cover those with significant health issues, we have a variety of options for every situation.

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23 Public Square, Suite 260

Belleville, IL 62220

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